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SUB Associates

Our Belief


“We Are What Our THOUGHTS Have Made Us;

So Take Care About What You Think…. Words Are Secondary.

THOUGHTS Live; They Travel Far….”

SUB Associates is ably led by Mr. B.H. Bijali, who saw numerous opportunities to bring holistic and ethical business practices to the real estate segment. 

He is driven by the belief that our thoughts guide our actions.  Keeping this philosophy in mind, the one thought that guides him constantly is BENEFIT.  He constantly strives to find ways of benefitting all who are associated with his projects….his individual customers, corporate clients, investors, suppliers, project consultants, colleagues, team members as well as the

 “Though we are intelligent or accomplished in a particular field of work, we are not perfect. Numerous matters that we are not aware of or unable to accomplish are known to others or can be accomplished by them. In many situations our experience is not sufficient.


It is never wrong and certainly not demeaning to take the help and advice of others to achieve our aims and objectives.


There will always be differences while working together. But the benefit of all lies in not allowing our differences to turn into battles and resolving them with understanding.”

Guiding Principle



SUB Associates undertake

· Commercial & Industrial Spaces

· Premium Villas

· Joint Venture Projects

· Infrastructure Projects

· Residential Re-developments Projects

Awards & Recognitions


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B. H. Bijali

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skilled and unskilled workers without whom no project could be completed. He believes that every interaction must lead to benefit for all. “Customer service that takes care of customer’s emotions with timely communication” forms the bedrock of his work ethics.

He brings his learning, insights, passion and dedication to each of his projects.  The awards and recognitions he has won during his past stints stand testimony to his integrity as well as his vast experience. This experience of twenty years in every aspect of real estate development provides the confidence and ability to seek to accomplish complicated projects that are challenging.